Day 2: Frederick Douglass

February marks the annual celebration of Blackness and the contributions and accomplishments of Black people worldwide. As a Black woman myself, I think it’s an extremely positive reason for celebration.

Donald J. Trump mentions one of the biggest names in the history of Black Americans: Frederick Douglass. In his address, to start off the Black History Month, Trump begins telling the audience of Douglass’ many contributions and that we would hear “more and more” from him [Douglass].

Is Douglass still alive?! What is Trump on about? Was it really a blunder?

I beg to differ.

Frederick Douglass is still doing great things…because his spirit still lives on.

The co-founder of the Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives published an exclusive statement from direct descendants of the man himself. This initiative is passionate about the life of Frederick Douglass and the justice and peace he tirelessly would go on to implement in his lifetime. His legacy is strong, perhaps stronger still, even after death.

Also, fun fact I learned yesterday, Fritz is a nickname of Frederick, which in Old High German means ‘ruler of peace’. Quite fitting, I’d say. 🙂

In Freedom!

Ta ❤


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