Soundbite Sessions


Hey, everyone. This is Baddon Basement and I’m Emily Sands. Today we’re in the studio listening to tunes and singing jams, a typical day really. I’m with my co-host here – wanna chime in, say hi?

Hi. M’names Moss. That’s actually my nickname. My actual name is yet to be disclosed. Sorry. [laughs] I’m here to help out Em with the next interview we have set up with a band you guys may be familiar with.


Emily: Indeed. We have an interview set for our very own Baddon boys – please welcome and give a rowdy round of applause to…

Moss: Airy Fairy!

[giggles and applause erupt]

[chairs scrape back]

Dominik Hernandez: Shit, sorry.

Jon Judas: Can we swear on air?

[laughter] Moss: Was that a line?

Jon: Oh, wasn’t meaning to pick ya up. I’ve got a girl. [winks]

[laughter] Emily: Let’s try to keep it to a minimum, shall we?

Dom: My bad!

[more shuffling, everyone getting settled in chairs, sipping water, etc.]

[clears throat] Moss: Everyone good? Need more water?

Penny Alexander: Stellar, man! Thanks.

George Grey: Ah smelt summick brewin’. Hev any Ahrl Grey?

Moss: [takes off headphones] Excuse me?

[Airy Fairies erupt into laughter]

Dom: Speak English, Geordie!

Geordie: Ah was! [pause, looks at Moss] Dyer hev E-a-r-l Grey, mate? Ah thowt aw ‘eard the kettle on.

Emily: Coming right up!

Geordie: [holds up two fingers] Two sugars an cream, please!

[Emily comes back with a piping hot cup of tea, cream & two sugars for Geordie]

Geordie: Thanks, love.

Emily: [settles into her chair, headphones on, with a smile] All right, let’s start with introductions, shall we? Who’s first?

Moss: Let’s go clockwise, I guess. You’re up. [nods to Geordie]

Geordie: [clears throat] Me nyame is George. George Grey. The lads caal me Geordie cos Ahm a Geordie. Me family is frem tha Toon [Newcastle]. Tha is in England.

Moss: [quietly] Should we translate that for the transcript?

Emily: [giggles] Hmm, maybe. So, we’ve got George Grey from Newcastle. What do you do in the band, Geordie?

Geordie: Ahm the entertainment, mostly. Me an Penny, both. But Ahm dabbling on bass part-time. [looks at Jon to go on]

Jon: [shifts in his seat] Hey, everyone. I’m Jon.

Geordie: John Lennon.

Jon: [laughs] My name’s Jon Judas and I play lead guitar and do vocals.

Geordie: His lass is in the band too! Weor is sheh off te? Kick hor oot?

Dom: [laughs] She went to some anime convention, right?

Wynston Macabee: Yeah, she’s like one of them furries, right?

Jon: All of you, shut it! She went to Comic-Con so she had to miss. [crosses arms] Talk about my girl one more time…

Geordie: Eeeeeh, somebody’s ready fre a barney like. [makes fists at Jon] [Jon swats at him]

[Dom and Penny – chuckling ensues]

Emily: [raises eyebrows] Well! Pleasure to have you on, Jon. Who’s next? [shifts in her seat, looking round the table for the next guest]

Dom: [salutes] What’s up? I’m Dom.

Penny: I’m Sub.

Dom: [glares] Shut. Up.

Penny & Geordie: [laughs]

Dominik: Anyway, I’m Dominik Hernandez, but this town has a fascination for shortening names so I’m just Dom. [chuckles]

Moss: What do you play, Dom?

Dom: I do supporting vocals and the rhythm guitar. But I also play the harmonica too, at Jon’s nagging.

[Jon rolls his eyes]

Dom: [chuckles] Nah, just kidding. I got into it after listening to Bob Dylan for the first time. He changed my life.

Geordie: Bloody ‘ell! [rolls eyes]

Moss: Geordie! [tries to hold back laughter, fighting to remain serious]

Emily: [laughing] Minimal.

Dom: [shrugs taking a sip of water] Haterz.

Penny: [points to himself] My turn? [Emily nods, holding back laughter] [Penny runs fingers through his hair and tousles it about] The name is Penny Alexander and I play drums. And I sing. I play piano too but not for the band and I do like, crazy jumping stuff on stage with my sticks. Real fun.

Geordie: Ya taakin shite, tee.

Dom: Only one talking shit is you, Geordie!


Penny: Where’s the lie though? [Geordie starts shoving and rearranging Penny’s carefully styled scarf combination, wrapping it around his head] [Penny shoves back, giving Geordie’s frizzing curls a tousle]

Moss: Okay, okay – can we reign it in a bit? Are you always like this together? [chuckles nervously]

Jon: Couldn’t be any other way. [shrugs]

Wyn: It’s the reason why they never have girlfriends. Too wild. Scare ‘em off. [laughs]

Geordie: Eeeeeeeh, [points to Wyn] this one’s a true riot! Joost noo popping in! [sips tea]

Moss: Sorry, wait, yeah – where have you been? Introduce yourself before you’re interrupted. [laughs]

Wyn: [runs hand through his hair] I’m Wyn. [whispers] Do I need to say my full name?

Emily: [whispers back] As you please.

Wyn: [clears throat] I’m Wynston Macabee, but everyone calls me Wyn.

Penny: ‘Cos he’s a winner.

Geordie: Always winning.

Dom: He’s the manly one.

Penny: Geordie’s the pretty one.

Geordie: [flips long hair dramatically]


Moss: And you play what, Wyn?

Wyn: I play piano and synths mostly. I played violin before too.

Emily: Right on! My sister actually played that in grade school. Well, boys, it’s been a pleasure meeting everyone today… [smiles broadly, clapping her hands together] We’re already off to a great start!

Moss: Crazy… but good.

Penny: That should be our [band] name – Crazy But Good!

Dom: I like it.

Jon: Got that right… most of ya’ll are crazy…

Geordie: Piss off, Jon. Yer crazy by association.



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