Soggy morning, late nights

Upset stomach, bar fights

Forgot summick, money wallet

Fished for charity or whatever you call it

Crazy girlfriends, free drinks

Channel #2, & off the brink

Late for work, couldn’t care

Forgot yer homework, did your hair


Easy sway, wading on the seaside, another Baddon day

Clammin’ man, nowt to eat

Mom & pop, look discreet

Baddon’s hue, nothing’s new

Empty greys and smoggie haze,

Told ya – never forget your good old Baddon days

Dad’s mistress, nothing’s new

Quitting school, to take it slow

Made a band, put on a show


Those Baddon boys were back,

Raising stacks that couldn’t afford the slack of

Unwritten songs and indifferent contracts

Made a band to forget the town

Five years gone, just made to stick around


Bad, bad Baddon

Could I complain that it would sadden me a lot to say I had missed this particular spot?

Bad, bad Baddon

Seaside dips into the city, coastal hoppings sure to stop, makes Baddon quite pretty – our particular spot.


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