my midnight madness says hello

Disclaimer: strong language; discretion advised

“So, what’s it called again?” Wyn asks.

“Midnight Madness.” Jon says, casually leaning back in his chair.

“Hmm,” Penny hums, pacing back and forth at the end of Jon’s bed.

“What?” Jon sits up to shoot him a defensive glare.

“Nothing. Just…nothing. I like it. It’s good…”

“You do?”

Nods. “Yeah. Who’s never went out, had too many drinks, made a fool of themselves on the dance floor and sloshed around with a girl?”


Geordie laughs, Dom looks up, grinning, and Wyn peers at Jon accusingly.

“Me, actually.” Jon admits, blushing.

Penny stares at him, disbelief.

“And you wrote the song?”

Jon just shrugs.

Penny rolls his eyes, falling back on the bed with a thump.

“Fucking hell.”


Just one drink in and my visions wrecked

Got a tight dress on, lost all respect.

Text a bonny lad, her new prospect.

What could I say? What did you expect?

The taste of last night’s drink

Stayed fresh on my lips

That feeling that you get

After only a few sips


She were a midnight madness

Screaming and gleaming under flashing lights

Call her a midnight madness the way she

Moved her hips, dancing through the night

She were a midnight madness the way you kissed those lips

Screaming and beaming, such a pretty sight


Fresh eyed and fully dressed

Couldn’t help making you a mess

Last night, was something to talk about

She were a sight to see

Last night the drinks took a hold of me

Her nails were long and you fell for it

Try as she might, at last not your bird

At least not one that you would prefer


She were too drunk to walk home

She wasn’t sure where she’d go

He’s a menace to society,

A strain on the economy,

A little easy on the eyes,

Made up for all his lies, tonight.

The smell of last night’s smoggie

Still fresh on my mind

She had to tell that girl which

One of you were mine


All night, was a fight for her to quit

(Maybe she’s a midnight madness)

She might lose interest, take the hint

(Midnight madness)

Try as she might, at last not your bird,

Is she a girl that you would prefer?


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