February Favourites

Food(s): Snap peas

Drink(s): MARG aka, margaritas

Book of the Month: Does fanfiction count? – I Want It All by Benaddicted_Sherlokian 

Music: Kaleo ( an Icelandic band that played on glaciers & inside a volcano!)

Film(s): 13th Documentary

TV Show: Skam (Norway), Juana Inés (Spanish; on Netflix!), Letterkenny (Canada)

Hairstyle: curly fringe (aka, bangs)

Fashion trends: Adidas tracksuits with matching shoes

Quote/Saying: “You could say that they’re selling like ghost cookies.”

Moment: S’more cookies at 1 am and hunting for tie-dye

Products: Curls “Creme Brulee” style cream, Luster “S” Curl activator and moisturizer

Website: https://theculturetrip.com/

Youtube: MadRussianTV – featuring my friend Sergei, Lucy Moon, Conan Grey

DIYS & Art: Tie-dying, Canva


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