Five Thoughts I Had Watching the Movie, All Eyez On Me

My roommate and I went to the cinema a week or so ago.

These were my thoughts.

  1. I really hope this is going to be a decent movie and no a complete flop. Better do him [2Pac] justice.
  2. He does look like Pac… but nah, something’s off. Just not the same.
  3. Why is Biggie frontin’ for? And who is this actor they’ve got as Snoop Dogg, brah?
  4. California Love comes on and only me and my roommate are jamming out apparently. What a symbolic sound, brah. I’m not even from the West Coast, but honestly, this just takes me back to when I was like four and listening to whatever music my brother was listening to at the time, which was 2Pac. Go figure…
  5. Why did Pac not have any kids, man? I mean, he apparently had a girlfriend in the end. Honestly, I was even surprised at that, like he really kept to himself. I wonder what his music would portray if he were alive today…


BONUS: Why didn’t they slide in Changes? I love that song. Am I a poser for listening to gangsta rap after this movie, though? I kinda feel like it… Whatever. I’ve been listening to this since I was a babe. It is what it is.

🙂 ❤


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