A self-described INFJ and romantic individualist, LaVonna Phillips  seeks to improve the world and herself, simultaneously. This is her piece of pie. She is not a student, but looks like one. She studied international studies and languages (German & Spanish) but now she wants to study intercultural communication and linguistics. She enjoys laughing, writing, drawing, fashion, art and being obsessive about music. Frankly, being obsessive about many things, really.

Starting September, she will be studying for another degree in Newcastle, England. In the end, her aims are to increase empathy and understanding as an English language teacher and intercultural training specialist.

Her lavender latte is a paradox trapped inside a riddle of metaphors through a maze of trees.

To be honest, I really had trouble thinking up a name for this blog. The inspiration comes from a drink I fancy ordering at my local coffee shop – hence, lavender latte. To me, it seems a paradox… There’s a shot of espresso which sends you flying on caffeine, but then there’s the lavender – cool, calm and collected. Lovely, really. I hear people ordering it now and smile.

In short, there will be lots to discuss here in the areas of culture, language, communication and slices of life. Get yourself a cup of tea or coffee or whatever you fancy and have a piece of the pie.

Ta! 🙂